Parking Planning Design

Since 1993

MARKS Engineers Parking Planning & Design

MARKS Engineers offers innovative parking planning design services at all stages of the parking lifecycle.

Parking Lot Assessment


Whether you need to assess your current parking conditions or evaluate the potential of one site or a whole campus, our team can assist you in utilizing today’s parking best practices to shape your parking facility’s future. We can right-sizing your parking, evaluate future adaptive reuse and assist you with considering automated and/or valet solutions to densify your parking.

Our team designs above and below grade structures, as well as structured parking as a component of larger buildings and developments. We leverage the best innovation and technology the industry has to offer. From integrating photovoltaics to the latest in EV, PGS & PARCS, our team develops highly efficient new and replacement parking solutions.

EV – Electric Vehicle CAD

MARKS Engineers EV CAD Design

MARKS Engineers specializes in code compliant EVSE infrastructure design. We have worked with all types of EV charging systems including Residential, Commercial, and Utility.

Plans for EVSE Installation

MARKS Engineers Parking Lot Design

Obtaining a permit to install a single EVSE charging station may not require plans in most cities, however planning is an important first step in the installation process. Having a detail drawing can help the installation contractors and property managers better understand the project details including placement of equipment, size, and location of circuit conductors and rating of the existing electrical panel. A simple two-page document will demonstrate to others that you are preparing to do a professional EVSE-R installation that will be aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting.

You may even want to utilize a comprehensive EVSE planset to evaluate the capacity of the existing electrical system and to identify potential service upgrades. These plans can easily be used to electronically solicit competitive estimates from multiple sources which will save you time and money.

Our EV CAD Design Process

MARKS Engineers EV CAD Design Process

MARKS Engineers EV CAD Design process starts with a detailed Basis of Design (BoD) intake form. 

Our BoD intake form is comprehensive and easy to fill out. It helps us to better understand the client’s needs from the beginning. 

The BoD procedure saves time and eliminates unnecessary plan revisions. It can also help you identify potential conflicts in a project before the construction starts. 

MARKS BoD package includes the following services:

EV CAD Residential EVSE Design –

EVSE-R CAD Package Includes:

  • EVSE-R Design for a Wall Mounted Level One Charging Station
  • Title Sheet –
    • Notes, Symbols & Abbreviations
    • EVSE specification
    • SOW, Codes & MAP

Electrical Plan

  • Equipment Layout
    • Attachment Detail
    • Cable & Conduit Size
    • Single Line Drawing
    • NEC Load Evaluation
  • Basis of Design Documentation
  • Contractor Logo in Plan Set
  • Minor Revisions

Enhanced Options Include:

  • Multiple EVSE Charging Stations
  • Concrete Pad Mounting
  • Cut Sheets in Plan Set
  • Expedited Plan Completion
  • PE & SE Review, Stamp and Signature

Our story


MARKS Engineers orginally began in 1993 as a Parking Area Marking company called MARKS MARKS. 

Today we focus on Parking Design, Engineering, EV - Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure and soon we will offer Automated Parking System Design.

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