SemaConnect for EV Station Owners

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For EV Station Owners

Deploying an EV Charging Station program at your property couldn’t get any easier with the SemaConnect Network software.

It comes bundled with your SemaConnect purchase and is what makes the charging stations smart.

Unlike single-family home applications, commercial locations need a smart networked EV Charging program that will easily allow you to own and manage the stations on your property. Through the SemaConnect Network, you’ll be able to login to your property’s account and quickly see who is charging at your location, for how long, how much revenue you’ve generated, how much electricity is being used and so much more.

Comprehensive Overview of SemaConnect Network for EV Drivers

  • Secure Login
    We use SSL encryption to make sure that your account is safe and secure at all times.
  • Pricing Policy
    The SemaConnect Network software makes it easy for you to select your pricing policy, and change it whenever you’d like. SemaConnect does not set pricing policies, we leave this option open for you. So whether you’re offering free charging to your tenants, or you’d like to charge a fee, the discretion is up to you.
  • Flexible Access/Usage
    Want to a have a private station for your employees, guests, visitors and tenants only? Want to have a public station for all to use? As a station owner, the SemaConnect Network allows you to easily choose which access policy is best suited for your location.
  • 24/7 Customer Support
    Need to assist an EV Driver, but don’t know where to start? Having issues running reports? Our Customer Care Team is here to serve you and ensure that you have the best EV Driver experience
  • Account Manager
    At SemaConnect, all Station Owners are assigned a dedicated Account Manager that will assist you each step of the way. This gives you a central point of contact who is familiar with your location, your charging stations, and the newest electric vehicle charging stations for sale, to assist you with any questions/concerns that you may have.
  • Instant Updates & Notifications
    If you want to receive email and text notifications, you can set up station service notification to check your station health, for example you can get notified of any changes to the station if it’s online or not, if something is wrong.
  • Payment Processing
    Generate extra revenue through your EV Charging Stations without any effort on your part. The SemaConnect Network and the Series 6 Charging stations come equipped with payment processing that ensures EV Drivers can pay for their charging session at the rate that you set.
  • Online Bill Management
    The online bill management feature makes it easy for you to manage your charging stations charges and bills online. You’ll be able to monitor and manage EV Drivers who use your stations, for how long, how much revenue has been accrued and more.
  • Real-time Charging Status
    Login to your SemaConnect Network account and see, in real-time, how many EV Drivers are currently using your charging stations.
  • Sustainability Reports
    Need to provide a comprehensive report on your EV Charging Station program? The sustainability reporting feature in the SemaConnect Network makes it simple and effortless for you to run reports on your fossil fuel displacements and greenhouse gas emission reductions to quickly share them with members of your team. You’re even able to print an Excel or PDF version of the report straight from the software.
  • Wide Variety of Charging Initiation
    SemaConnect boasts the most options to initiate a charging session, which provides ease of use for EV Drivers. Whether they start a charging session with a SemaConnect Network Pass, through the PlugShare App, calling 1-800-663-5633, scanning a QR code or simply visiting on their mobile browser – there are boundless ways to charge at a SemaConnect station.
  • PlugShare Partnership
    SemaConnect is a truly open network. We believe in having an open ecosystem with our charging stations, the SemaConnect network, and interoperability with other companies in the industry. For this reason, we’ve partnered with PlugShare, the most widely used smartphone app among EV Drivers in the marketplace. This partnership allows EV Drivers to the flexibility they want to start a charging session directly through the PlugShare app without being forced to join the SemaConnect Network.

Would You Like a Quote for Smart EV Charging on Your Property?

Want to learn more or set up a free demonstration with your local representative? Please fill out the form and we’ll pass it along to your local sales manager. We will work with you and discuss what you are looking to accomplish and provide advice to maximize project success. We also provide a timeline of what to expect when. We gather any info needed to provide you with a competitive proposal.

Getting Started with EV Charging Stations on your property

Getting Started with EV Charging on your property, SemaConnect, MARKS Engineers

Getting Started with SemaConnect EV Charging Stations at your property

This video tutorial explains the steps needed to get SemaConnect EV Charging Stations on your property.