SEMACONNECT Series 5 Personal EV Charging Station


Series 5 Personal EV Charging Station

This smart EV charging station is for one driver in a dedicated parking space and supports monthly billing.

  • Drivers will charge their vehicles at their assigned spots
  • The SemaConnect Network allows for easy management of EV Charging Stations and tenants
  • Drivers pay a monthly fee plus the cost of the electricity and parking at their designated spots

Which EV charging station is right for you? See how the Personal compares to the Shared here.Smart EV Charging for Apartments and Condominiums

The Series 5 for Personal PARKING

SemaConnect makes it easy to add EV charging as a service to your apartment or condominium. Whether it’s a couple of charging stations or an entire network, SemaConnect makes it simple to manage with a turnkey solution.

The Series 5 – EV Charging for Personal Parking


Personal Charging Experience

One charging station per driver with dedicated parking

Wireless Technology

Smart features allow for different pricing options

Interactive LED Lights

Quickly identify the station status: blue is available, green is charging, and red detects a ground fault.

Backlit LCD Screen

Easy reading for station status.

Rugged Aluminum Enclosure

Prevents damage from nature and natural elements.

Smart Card or App Authentication 

EV Drivers can select their preferred method.

J1772™ Plug

Charge all new electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles including Tesla


Energy efficiency helps you save money